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The 14th International Specialized Conference

Waste to Energy 2023

Conference subtitle: Energy recovery of waste, waste management
The conference is organized in cooperation with STEO
(STEO - Association of Operators of Technologies for Ecological Waste Utilization)

28 - 29 March 2023, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Freyova 33, Prague 9, Czech Republic


28. 3., Tuesday
8.15       Registration

9.00       Opening of the conference

9.05       Opening greetings/speeches
Representative, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Ella Stengler, Managing Director, CEWEP (Confederation of European WtE Plants)
Aleš Bláha, Board of Directors, STEO
GOLEM - General renewal of lines and ecologization of WTE Malešice - the project and the impact of fire
Tomáš Žižka, Head of Maintenance and Investment Department, WtE Malešice
Zdeněk Bouda, Economic Expert, WtE Malešice
Results of analyses of the composition of combustion process products as a basis for determining the composition of the mixed municipal waste in the Brno agglomeration
Jana Suzová, Environmental Specialist, SAKO Brno, a. s. (WtE Brno)
New sorting line
Iveta Jurenová, Commercial Deputy, SAKO Brno, a. s. (WtE Brno)
Technical problems, aging of the apparatus in the boiler
Martin Křehlík, Technical Director, TERMIZO a. s. (WtE Liberec)
10.50 - 11.10     Coffee Break
Pavel Veselý, operations manager, WtE Pilsen
Solutions for the separation of valuable non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals from slag
Jan Slovák, Head of Sales, WAMAG, spol. s r.o.
Modular WtE and waste incineration in BFB or CFB boilers
Grzegorz Kocot, Regional Business Development Manager, Sumitomo SHI FW

Experience with waste transport logistics in the Czech Republic
Martin Doležal, Executive Director, Brnie, s.r.o
CO2 capture behind waste incineration plants - status quo and outlook
Rudi Karpf, Technical University Mittelhessen
Experience with waste-to-energy technologies
Peter Quicker, RWTH Aachen University of Technology of Fuels
12.50 - 13.40     Lunch
13.40 - 13.50     poster section presentation (this year's conference will include a poster section, we will highlight the exhibited posters (academic and corporate) in the form of a PPT presentation)
13.50 - 14.40     PRESENTATION BLOCK - energy utilization of WWTP sludge, H2 production as a part of WtE
Development of thermal Sewage Sludge Treatment in Germany
Markus Gleis, Umweltbundesamt, Germany
Experience with the construction and operation of facilities for energy recovery of WWTP sludge
Ralf Decker, Sales Director, KÜTTNER MARTIN Technology GmbH
H2 generation at a WtE facility at Wuppertal
Andreas Meyer, Wuppertaler Stadtwerke
14.40 - 15.40     PRESENTATION BLOCK - funding opportunities for WtE projects
Modernization Fund - possibilities of grant financing WtE
Possibilities of subsidies in the field of waste management
Tomáš Prokop, Director of the Waste Management Department, SFŽP
Possibilities of the National Development Bank in financing waste management projects
Pavel Křivonožka, Member of the Board Directors, National Development Bank
Possibilities and experience from commercial financing of waste management projects
Pavel Beran, Energy Finance Director, Komerční banka
15.40 - 16.00     Coffee Break
16.00 - 17.00     PRESENTATION BLOCK - legislation, regulation
Status of EU legislation on the WTE
Ella Stengler, Managing Director, CEWEP (Conferderation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants)
Current state of legislation and regulation in the field of waste management
David Surý, Director General for Environmental Protection, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Current state of legislation in the field of waste management
Václav Král, Member of Parliament CR
Impacts of new legislation in the field of cyber security
Petr Opluštil, HAVEL & PARTNERS
17.00 - 17.40     PRESENTATION BLOCK - Associations
Impacts of the new waste legislation on cities and municipalities
Pavel Drahovzal, Vice-Chairman, Union of Towns and Municipalities
Current state of legislation and readiness of technologies in the Czech Republic to support waste recycling Miloš Kužvart, Executive Director, Czech Association of Circular Economy
Current state of preparation for landfill closure in the Czech Republic and transformation of companies focused on waste collection and landfilling
Petr Havelka, Executive Director, Czech Waste Management Association
Importance of energy processing of waste for heat supply in the Czech Republic
Martin Hájek, Executive Director, Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic
17.40 - 18.30     PLENARY DISCUSSION (new format - electronic collection of discussion ideas and contributions throughout the conference with moderated discussion)
18.30 - 24.00, banquet, wine, networking (hotel restaurant Zodiac)
29. 3., Wednesday
8.00       Registration

9.00       PANEL DISCUSSION of WtE directors and management, moderated by:
  • Trends in waste management
  • WtE in the Context of the Energy Sector of the Czech Republic
  • The importance of WtE in the context of energy and heating
  • 60 Years of Waste Incineration in Vienna - How Waste Management contributes to the Energy Autarchy of the Austrian Capital”
Introductory presentation:
Blahoslav Němeček, Partner, EY
Helga Stoiber, Senior Partner, UVP Environmental Management and Engineering (WtE Vienna)
Aleš Bláha, Director, WtE Malešice, Pavel Bernát, Chairman of the Board of Directors, TERMIZO a. s. (WtE Liberec), Karel Jelínek, Managing Director, SAKO Brno, a. s. (WtE Brno), Jakub Vojta, Sales and Technical Director, Plzeňská teplárenská, a. s.
11.00     Coffee Break
11.20 - 13.00     LECTURE BLOCK/PANEL DISCUSSION - upcoming and newly implemented projects, moderated by: Vojtěch Doležal, Rudi Quicker
  • prepared and implemented project plans of the Czech Republic and abroad
Miroslav Krpec, Chairman, Energotrans, a. s. (WtE Mělník)
Tomáš Kollarczyk, Vice-Chairman, Teplárna České Budějovice, a. s. (WtE Vráto)
Petr Mareš, Technical Director, United Energy, a. s. (WtE Komořany)
VEOLIA (Dětmarovice, Přerov)*
12.10 - 13.00     TECHNOLOGY
MARTIN - Modern grate based thermal treatment of waste - experiences
Steffen Scholz, Senior Sales Manager, MARTIN GmbH
Representative, Valmet Technologies Oy
Rüdiger Margraf, Managing Director, LUEHR FILTER GmbH
13.00     Conclusion of the conference, joint lunch
16.00 - 18.00     EXCURSION WtE MALEŠICE
The excursion is intended for representatives of cities and municipalities.
*in negotiation





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